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Brice Strategies, Inc. offers a variety of support services to assist you with your government contracting needs.  In addition to the specific services below, Brice Strategies offers Contract/Subcontract Management, expertise in Federal Procurement Regulations (FAR and DFAR), USPS Procurement system and regulations and GSA Schedule preparation, negotiation and implementation.   

In addition to the broad areas described above, Brice Strategies offers these specific services in: Proposal Services, Production Services as well as Training/Seminar services.

Proposal Services  


  1. Bullet    Business Strategy

  2. Bullet    Proposal Process

  3. Bullet    RFP Review

  4. Bullet    Proposal Management/Schedule

  5. Bullet    Risk Analysis

  6. Bullet    Technical Writing/Editing

  7. Bullet    Win Themes and Discriminators Support

  8. Bullet    Proposal Evaluation

  9. Bullet    Compliance Matrix

  10. Bullet    Question/Answer Support

  11. Bullet    Proposal Outline

  12. Bullet    Debriefing Support

  13. Bullet    Graphics creation/editing

Production Capabilities and Services  


  1. Bullet    High quality black & white and color laser printing on premium paper

  2. Bullet    Tabs (design & production)

  3. Bullet    Cover/Spines (design & production)

  4. Bullet    Packaging

  5. Bullet    Binders

  6. Bullet    Technical Writing/Editing

  7. Bullet    Adobe Acrobat Standard X & Adobe Illustrator CS2

  8. Bullet    MS Office 2003 and 2010 Suite (Standard Version), MS Visio, MS Project

Training & Seminars

Brice Strategies offers training and seminars on a case-by-case basis at this time and these training sessions can be targeted to your specific company culture and processes. Stand by for future seminars on proposals and program management.







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